Monday, July 30, 2012

nap please

after a BUSY month of july including but not limited to:
 and plenty of rare seattle sunshine....
i'm ready for a nap.
i promise my life isn't always this exciting.
can i take a nap please?
oh wait, i don't have time for a nap....
this big mug of coffee will have to suffice.
happy monday!


  1. I think I recognize that mug....weren't we on a little "mother/daughter" road trip and I bought that cute mug for you !?! Was that also the trip where you decided to do some "off-roading" in my Mercedes..... :) That was a fun trip !!

    1. Yes that trip was SO fun! Didn't we sneak in the Hotel Del Coronado's pool at one point? And yes, let's not talk about the off-roading that occurred... ;)