Wednesday, August 1, 2012

what i do when i find my pumpkin scented candle

august 1st!
and you know what that means?
FALL in one month!
it's pretty pathetic how much i love fall,
especially living in seattle where summer doesn't arrive until july.
but there is just something about those crisp days...
that makes me wanna lather myself in boots, scarves and dark nail polish,
and light the pumpkin scented candle that i just found while cleaning my apartment.
so here's my fall wish list, a month early.

happy august everyone! 


  1. You have a very cool wish list. I would enjoy having a few of those items.
    Your blog is also very cool.

    Thank your for visiting mine, of course I agree with following each other. I'm following with GFC and bloglovin.

  2. Oh I love fall too! I am still hoping we can squeeze a few more sunny days out of this Seattle summer!


  3. Fun list !! We may just have to go shopping when I am up Seattle.... :)

  4. Pumpkin scented candles are the highlight of my life!! Loving your blog!