Tuesday, July 24, 2012

several things i learned in vegas

  • vegas does not cure head-colds, but does a great job at worsening them.
  • those little cards that guys are handing out on the street corners are NOT baseball cards.
  • once in a while you will see a celebrity, specifically JOEY FATONE. yes, it's true, and we made really awkward eye contact.
  • even if you get a shellac manicure the day before you leave, it will still be ruined. 
  • 40 degrees hotter than seattle. nuf said.
  • silicone. everywhere. you know what i mean.
  • pool parties are not somewhere you can relax. actually it's the opposite.
  • buffets. rip-off. also, do a walk-through through the whole place before you start putting food on your plate or else you will wind up with mac&cheese, a piece of pizza, beef stew, cantaloupe, a greek salad, crackers with stinky cheese, and gelato. all on one plate. yep, that was my LUNCH yesterday.
  • last but not least, this city definitely does not mind taking your money. in fact, they excel at it.
  • oh wait, one more thing, vegas with 16 of your closest friends is definitely a vacation you will NEVER forget!


  1. ha, definitely true! the city does do a good job at taking your money. great photograph, girl! hilarious!!
    xo TJ

  2. All those Vegas revelations plus you also managed to run into ELVIS at the Flamingo !!! Sounds like quite a trip !!!

  3. I totally want to go there! You are too lucky, love the pic. Too frikkin cute. Following now<3

    Ashton from: