Thursday, July 26, 2012

bf's bd

so it was the matt's birthday yesterday, one of TWO of the best days in the month of july. my birthday is on saturday, ahem. so since it fell on a wednesday this year, probably the worst day for a birthday, well maybe 3rd worst after monday and tuesday, we had to make the most of our after-work-non-late-night-minimal-wine-drinking evening together. i surprised him with dinner at purple which may be the best little wine bar this side of the mississippi. the salads, sandwiches, pastas and of course, well, wine are to die for.

and then, surprise #2, wait for it, we went on the FERRIS WHEEL!!!!!!! okay, maybe i'm more excited about this than the average person but who doesn't want to dangle 200 feet in the air in a see through box? lucky for me, matt didn't mind dangling. this little round wheel of death only opened a month ago so it was even more exciting for us seattleites to finally ride the structure we have been watching being built for the last couple of months.

hbd matt, love you :)


  1. Nice evening !! What was that you had for dinner ? It looks delicious... :) That Ferris-wheel is magnificant... I think I may need to ride it when I am in Seattle...:) Fun BD for the BF !!

  2. What a great birthday surprise for matt! He is so lucky to have you in his life! What a delicious looking dinner ! He'll have to top that for your bd

  3. Hahaha... little round wheel of death! Aw - it looks like you guys had big fun! The ferris wheel is my favourite too ;) Happy Birthday Matt! Xx