Sunday, January 6, 2013

2 weeks with olympus

Well, a very happy belated new year to everyone. My life is so very busy right now and I miss the blog world like heck. I gather so much inspiration from the blogs that are on my daily read-ar (ha, like radar? Ok maybe not) and catching up on a lazy Sunday night feels so gratifying. Everything from design to recipes to fashion to humor - I love it all!

Anyways, I hate to admit it but all of my pictures up until now have been taken with...wait for iphone. Yep. It's true. It was all I had, mainly because of my consistent poor camera handling skills that made me swear off any "big girl" camera until I felt responsible enough to actually take care of it.  That left me with an iphone camera, and just an iphone camera. For a phone, it's a fantastic little camera, but for the pictures that I will be taking at pre-wedding/post-wedding/everything else events, I reeeeeeally wanted a real one...a real one that takes real good pics.

So here we have it, a pretty little (actually big and beautiful) Olympus Pen E-PL2 that I received on Christmas morning from the best fiance ever. I screamed, I really did.  And here's a little preview of the randomness that I have captured these past couple weeks since I've had it...

the cutest little teapot we gave matt's grandma
decadent german chocolate cupcakes - perfect for a cold post-christmas montana night
small town montana morning in the snow, from the kitchen window
a good view
camera fun, plus christmas tree fun AND ring fun. just FUN.
pretending like i know how to work the cam-er-a
self-timed pre nye pic

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