Monday, January 7, 2013

wedding tips you just can't keep to yourself

on the front lawn of our wedding venue.
ahhhhhh the view.

any of you hitched bloggers out there with wedding planning tips you just can't keep to yourself...
do tell!


  1. That view looks crazy amazing! It's going to be so pretty to have a wedding there! And as for wedding planning tips - I'd say DIY it up. At least, if I could redo my wedding that's what I'd want to do :) I like all of the little personal touches DIY-ing can provide.

    1. Love that tip! I am always wanting more excuses to DIY and I'd say a wedding is about the best excuse yet! ;)

      Thanks for the tip, following you now!

  2. 1. hire a wedding coordinator for the day of if possible! keeps everything organized and on time so you don't have to worry about it (or worry about putting a family member in charge), luckily my sister does this as a side project so i had her help... if you want to know more let me know and i can give you her info... she is CRAZY organized (spreadsheets, budget calculator, typed up itinerary for EVERYONE, etc... she's just starting out so her rate is pretty resonable)

    2. EAT! we spent most of the dinner time going from table to table greeting everyone so we didn't get much of our awesome food (husband wasn't too happy he didn't get his second plate). if you think you'll be socializing during this time you can ask them to set aside a plate for you and the hubby and eat towards the end or take it to go. and be sure to have light snacks available while you get ready/pre-funk (i know the groomsmen appreciated my mom's snack table while enjoying thier flasks...}

    3. with that said... don't feel like you have to greet EVERYONE... DANCE! and enjoy YOUR wedding ;)

    So excited to see your wedding unfold on here and photos on facebook!

    1. Ah thank you for all the advice Jodi!

      First of all, YES I totally agree that a wedding coordinator the day of is key. We may ask a brother of one of the groomsmen since he's done it before and loves that kind of stuff...BUT...if he can't/doesn't want to I will definitely keep your sis in mind!

      We just got our engagement photo's done my Matt's stepmom who is a photographer in Montana so I will definitely post soon. :)

  3. At my wedding we had some of the best tasting appetizers I ever had- and I didn't get to eat any! That's really all that I wish had changed.