Saturday, June 23, 2012

productivity at it's finest

so i learned a couple days ago that the bf was going to be gone all weekend at an insurance certification class. he’s such an adult. but the kind of adult who also likes to wear aviators and drink long island iced teas. but enough about the maestro… when i heard he was going to be gone, i thought, "okay chrissy, this is your weekend to GET THINGS DONE. ya know, like clean the apartment, go to the gym, pay some bills, maybe…cook…" but you wanna know the course of events of my day so far? woke up at 9:30, forced myself to get out of bed, still in my pajamas, under a fuzzy blanket on the couch, watching re-run after re-run of ‘how I met your mother.’ which by the way, have they said who the mother is yet?  i don’t even know if they are still making new episodes. i totes think it’s robin though. does that prediction blow your mind? yeah, i thought so.

aside from the couch sitting and re-run watching, i am also admiring these two BARGAINS I found at h&m the other day.  this fun stretchy gold skirt and flowy black and white shorts were rung up together for a grand total of $15.33. now that’s a bargain if i've ever seen one. it's less that ONE of them at regular price! now i know i should be saving my pennies for my 3 weekends in a row of vacations in july, but hey, I could have easily spent that much on a ‘you pick two’ at panera bread (with a drink, and maybe a bakery treat) and that would have been gone in 15 minutes...

anywho, happy saturday and i hope yours have started out more productive than mine!              

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  1. You are such a wonderful bargain hunter !! I'd like to see a post of you going somewhere in those cute shorts... :) Love the way the pic of you is looking down on the items you bought....can't wait to see another post !!