Sunday, June 24, 2012


you must think i'm crazy. and yes, you are correct. crazy considering as the bf and i were enjoying our piping hot summer minestrone last night i realized we were both sweating like we were in the middle of the sahara desert. so maybe soup is not the most ideal thing to make in the middle of summer, but hey, I froze the rest so ill wait for the big thaw until...october?

i got the urge to ‘chop’ yesterday because of a lovely housewarming gift that a lovely friend gave me last weekend. these lovely bamboo cutting boards had been staring at me all week ready to feel weight of some fresh veggies. so here ya go, the easiest recipe ever! And the best thing about this soup is that you can pretty much put anything in it and it will still taste delicious. 
this summer minestrone called for:
·         1 large onion
·         1 green zucchini
·         1 yellow zucchini
·         3 plum tomatoes
·         3 new potatoes
·         2 cloves garlic
·         3 Tbs olive oil
·         32 oz chicken broth

I then added:
·         ½ bunch of kale
·         1 can white cannellini beans
·         1 cup mini penne pasta

you basically chop everything, saute everything, throw everything into the broth, and cook everything. that’s pretty much everything! i then added a couple red pepper flakes and topped it with fresh basil and parmesan and VOILA! summer minestrone! or let's say autumn minestrone because let’s face it, unless you have a sweatband on with the ac pumping in your face, you will sweat your ____ off when eating this.


  1. I am SO IMPRESSED !! That soup looks delicious and I plan on making it and then sweating while I eat it as well...come to think of it this time of year we are sweating here in Phoenix no matter what we eat... :)

  2. Very nice. And your blog is cute.

    1. Thanks Michelle! Can't wait for din din tomorrow night :)

  3. Hahah I ALWAYS get cravings for soup in the middle of the summer and it never ends up being a good idea. SHOOT.
    Would you like to follow each other doll? Let me know!

    Lady Million

    1. Absolutely!! Just peeked at your blog, actually pretty much read the whole thing.. :) Very nice!