Friday, June 22, 2012

foot fetish

is what i don't have. so the fact that i have have an 'x-large' size picture of my feet on here doesn't make a bit of sense. what does make a bit of sense is my love of these shoes. these sparkly sandals that make me think that the sun may actually pop it's little round self out of those pesky clouds. the weatherman said a 60% chance of rain (and in seattle that means a 100% chance of the most annoying drizzle all day long) but I took a chance on these shiners and boyyyy did they brighten my day.  note to self: even on the most gloomiest of gloomy spring or summer days, a pair of be-dazzled sandals can make your frown turn upside down. that is only if you don’t mind your feet getting a little wet, which I don’t, but some do, so ignore this whole post if you fall into the the latter category.

oh and the best thing yet, you ask? these puppies are from MARSHALLS. Yep, you heard me correctly. and they are comfortable. inexpensive and comfortable are pretty much a double whammy when it comes to shoes. 

ps. i promise the awkward myspace-angle-photos will not be a regular thing. the bf wasn't home. so i had to do it on my own. please accept this as my very valid excuse.


  1. I love your new post !!! Those sandles are so exciting, especially with your beautiful manicured toes coming out the top !! Also the polka dot top is darling... :)

  2. What a cute pair of sandals and a pretty little pedi! I found your new blog while blog hopping, love your stuff so far. Im a new follow :)

    xo Teresa

    1. Thank you Teresa! Just started following your blog as well, LOVE your outfits!

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