Wednesday, June 27, 2012

cloudless in seattle

The best thing about living in the cloudiest, rainiest city EVER are those rare June mornings where you wake up at 6am to not a cloud in the sky. now I know that is not a rarity in most other parts of the country this time of year, but for us up here in the ‘Twilight-esqe’ Pacific Northwest, it is something we most definitely don’t take for granted. We usually have a couple teaser 70-80 degree days but our real summer more often than not doesn't show it's beautiful self until July 5th. after a rained out bbq and a drizzly fireworks show the night before, of course. the beautiful blue sky and bright shining sun gazing down upon the crisp lakes and still snow-capped mountains in the distance is a sight to be seen today.  the bf even pulled out his dusty under-the-bed bin of summer clothes and put some shorts on today! the shorts were a little taught though, he blamed it on those pesky 'shrinking' bins. in other news, we are going to the gym tonight.

anywho, i woke up this morning with an extra hop in my step and I may just hop around all day grinning from ear to ear. happy hump day, all!


  1. YES! I'm down here in Portland, and we so feel the same way:-) Sunshine puts an extra skip in my step. I even got some tan lines today, finally! xoxo

    1. Yes it was gorgeous! Jealous you got some tan lines, that is my dream! ;)