Thursday, June 28, 2012


 so because i am going shopping with some lovely ladies this weekend for 
a little vaca to VEGAS in a couple weeks
(what happens in vegas...does not go on the blog...)

i thought i would do a little pre-weekend online window shopping to see just what i may need for our rendezvous to sin city. if target had residential real estate for sale at their store, i'd be the first to put down my down payment. you can pretty much get ANYTHING there. so i thought that's where i would take a little looksie online to see just what fun summer items they may have. 

here is a little wish list of mine:

                1. dress 
                2. hat 
                3. wedges 
                4. sunglasses
and guess what? all the items are under $30! 
ah target, you make me smile so big, i'm so in love with you. wanna move in together?