Tuesday, June 26, 2012

a & a

so because i’m pretty much OBSESSED with this blog and love her "awkward&awesome" posts, here we go with a few of my own from the past week:

  • fly unzipped. all the time. specifically this week it was at an art gallery for a friend’s photography exhibit. an ART GALLERY. ya know? those places where you are supposed to be so refined and talk with an english accent and marvel at those abstract pieces of art like you know what the heck you’re talking about? yeah, i was none to impressive.
  • buying olive oil hair spray because apparently its ‘sooooo awesome’ and makes your hair ‘soooo smooth’ and ‘sooooo shiny.’  well let me tell you, they should put a warning sign on the can saying ‘DON’T SPRAY A LOT OR ELSE YOUR HAIR WILL LOOK LIKE YOU HAVEN’T SHOWERED IN 3 WEEKS.” verbatim.
  • the orange sunflowers i bought that i thought would look so cute all bunched together in a mason jar by the window. little did i know, they must DIE those babies orange, STEM and all because the water turned pink after about 2.5 minutes of the flowers being in there. worst part of all, the bf asked why i had my sunflowers in cranberry juice.
  • having to pick up an acquaintance's 'new' prescription, and let me stress acquaintance. and since it’s 'new' the pharmacist having to let YOU know the side effects because YOU are the person picking it up. "soooo, um you're going to experience ______ and _____. uh, yeah, see ya later."
  • having a stranger tell you that your black and white polka dot shirt reminds them of their “late” dalmatian.
  • the fire alarm going off at a restaurant while at happy hour. "um, can we take our drinks with us while we evacuate?" (this could also fall into the awesome category because we ended up getting 10% off our bill)
  • the remake of 'dallas.' i don’t know if it’s that opening song, or the so-called ‘heart-throbs,' or the fact that my mom was in love with the old one. whatever the reason, it is definitely my new guilty wednesday night pleasure.
  • going to benihana’s with a best friend who now lives out of town. i swear those little old japanese chefs that make everything in front of you are the FUNNIEST. oh and their onion volcanos are pretttttty darn awesome as well.
  • my basil plant. so much basil. i love basil.
  • my new iphone cover from j. crew. yep, you read that right, j. crew. weird? yeah. but I am SO picky when it comes to iphone covers and this one stood out like a sore thumb. in a good way. so a thumb that feels really good.
  • the bf holding my ‘good’ hair clips for ransom. told ya he’s awesome.
  • little big town – pontoon. iiiii LOOOOOVVVVEEEE thhhhissss soooooongggggg.


  1. Your blog "text" is quite the literary marvel...and so funny !! Little did I know of all your journalistic talent... keep the posts coming.. I love them !!

  2. hahaha, I couldn't stop giggling at the unzipped fly! That happened to me while I was in Venice. I couldn't believe my friend didn't tell me! So embarrassing!

    Hope you're having a great week!


    1. Hahah I know, it's always SO embarrassing... Thanks for the post, hope you're having a great week too!