Thursday, July 18, 2013


fitbit?? yes, fitbit. 
i've never been one to go crazy with dieting, or been one to count calories or log my food, but i have always been fairly conscious about what i put into my body.  i'm not an organic or bust type person, and i definitely put far too much artificial sweetener into my body in the form of cold delicious diet coke. but i do like to balance my meals, and with my upcoming nuptials, i wouldn't mind losing a couple of the lb's. 
fitbit is my answer.  a couple weeks back when my dad and i took a pre-wedding father/daughter trip to sin city, i noticed that he always knew how many steps we had taken (20+ miles in 2 days in vegas, not too shabby), and i kept noticing him take his phone out after every meal to do something... no, he wasn't instagramming his french onion soup at the paris hotel restaurant like i was, he was "fitbitting"...! i just made that word up, but i'm confident it will be in the dictionary soon.  as far as i know, and so far i only have basic knowledge of the fitbit, but it motivates you to eat better, sleep better and manage your weight.

no, i don't actually have a fitbit yet, but my dad being the great man he is said it would come as a 28th bday gift in a week. so yay! i have started using the free app though, which allows you to log your food and exercise per day, and i gotta tell you, it works! i feel accountable now, knowing that i have to log everything i eat and all of my exercise per day.

just take a look at the food i've been eating.


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