Tuesday, July 3, 2012

omaha love

sitting. thinking. smiling.
doing all three things currently while digging up old memories of past fourth of july’s......

location: omaha, ne.
company: family
time: childhood
fun factor: MOST fun a kid could have. ever.

every year like clockwork, as soon as my brother and I finished our last day of school, we would hop on the first flight to omaha to visit our grandparents and embark on the best three weeks of summer.  it was the good life. full of grandparent loving, pool swimming, and firefly catching.  the fourth of july always fell right in the middle of our time there and let me tell you, we did it big. country club pool party. all. day. long.  diving for coins, relay races, the limbo, you name it, we did it.  burgers, popsicles, cotton candy, you name it, we ate it. to this day, any mention of omaha takes me back to those glorious lazy days by the pool and the warm summer nights spent with family.  life truly was as simple as it could be. i miss those times dearly but am glad that they are locked in my memory forever.