Monday, July 2, 2012

la isla

thinking about this delicious 5 course meal at la isla in the ballard neighborhood of seattle that the bf and i had last thursday. best. puerto. rican. food. ever. thanks matt.:):)

**yes, the menu says july. no, we did not travel in time to eat this meal. yes, it was a misprint.

**yes, there were 5 courses. no, there are not 5 courses pictured. yes, i was getting ready to eat my napkin out of intense hunger that when the first course came, i thought FOOD rather than CAMERA. my apologies.


  1. oh boy i love latino food! this looks awesome :)

    thanks so much for stopping by my blog, we were kind of neighbours! i love seattle, it's a beautiful city (with great shopping of course).


  2. That all looks delicious !!! What a nice night out... :)

  3. Nice pictures.