Saturday, June 15, 2013

back porch livin'

it's official, we finally have a back deck that is big enough to put STUFF on! and not just a little bit of stuff...
so far we have managed to put 5 flower pots, 1 mini garden, one topsi turvey with a tomato plant that already has 4 of the cutest tiniest green tomatoes already growing on it, outdoor living room furniture AND a little bistro table for us to enjoy the beautiful northwest summer sunsets that seem to last all night.

we have spent every moment we can so far this spring in our little outdoor oasis and i'm so excited for summer the months to come...everything from resting on the couch in the setting sun after a long day of work, to enjoying a cup of coffee on one of the chairs on a saturday morning.  i'm definitely someone who needs a little dose of vitamin d on their skin every once in a while so this has been a dream.  a dream that is usually not possible in an apartment in seattle..... so saying i'm thankful for this little space is a vast understatement.
anywho, enjoy a little tour below!

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