Tuesday, February 5, 2013

maui WOWEE

 matt and i's most recent topic of conversation regarding all stuff wedding has been....
wait for it...
oh the thought of sand between my toes and sun on my face makes this seattle girl go CRAZY.
our only pre-requisite for the honeymoon is SUN.
lately we've been tossing hawaii around,
mainly because it's close proximity to seattle and the ease of traveling would increase our time in paradise by at least a day...which is equivalent to much more than a day when talking about sun, sand and the utmost relaxation.
so here you go, some lovely pics of maui that i found,
to take your mind off the doom and gloom, 
otherwise known as february.


  1. Maui sounds soooo good right now. What a great place to go for your honeymoon! Good luck with the wedding planning! The wedding will be here soon enough. :)

  2. Wow, that looks incredible! A nice, warm sunny place would be a dream.


  3. Oh my gosh... Hawaii is my DREAM! It looks beauuuutiful :) Xx