Tuesday, October 23, 2012

on views and wedding venues

one of the best things about living in western washington is the copious amounts of incredible views.   granted, the views may be covered up with a visible gray layer of liquid droplets most of the time, but nevertheless, amazing views are everywhere. north, south, east and west...you see ‘em.  mountains, lakes, oceans, trees…you name 'em.  that is why when the fiance (I can’t say that word enough) and I started the wedding venue search, we knew we needed to take advantage of the beauty that lies all around us.  

 we went south to the bottom of hood canal, we went west to the shores of the pacific ocean, we went east to the valleys of the cascades, but it wasn’t until we went north that we knew, we just knew we had found the place. a good friend of mine, who just recently married her best friend told me that I would just know when I walked into the right place. it’s cliché, but sometimes cliché’s are right.  i knew when i walked in that it was the one.  i knew that it was the very spot that we would say our vows and start the rest of our life together.  i knew it was the gathering place where friends and family were going to join together to celebrate our love.  i knew it was the place where we were going to dance the night away to ke$ha and lmfao – but more on that later…

so here we are,
 at the end of october
 11 months away from our joyous day
 venue and date picked out
ready to embark on this journey.
Oh and the venue, you ask?
Rosehill Community Center
Mukilteo, WA
with the prettiest view i have ever seen.
well besides the one i will be looking at when i say i do. :)

photo: www.realtytrac.com


  1. You are so right, Western Washington has the best views ever for a wedding! Mukilteo is such a gorgeous area, congratulations on finding the perfect venue!

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  3. i'm in love with this!

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  8. By this time you guys are like what, 11 months from your wedding day? That's still enough time to get everything ready. So when the day comes, everything will run as smooth as possible. It's really great to have enough time in choosing the venue for your big day. There's no pressure at all and you'll be able to pick out the best options.

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