Friday, August 3, 2012

the night i met doug

 just wanted to give all of you bachelor freaks fans (it's okay, i'm in the club) a little reminder of the gentleman who could win the award for the most awkward kiss of all time. i mean, who kisses someone right as you are hearing stuff like, 'it's not you, it's me' and 'i just don't think it's going to work'...
i mean, really????

 you got it, that award goes to DOUG!!! oh good ol' single dad doug from seattle.

now that your minds are refreshed with who doug is, let me tell you a little story.
 last night i met my looooong lost great friend cristina for a little post-work thursday evening happy hour. we started at toulouse petite which has great food and great drinks. deliciously cajun which is rare cuisine up here in the pnw. cristina and i lived together for 4 years but since we moved to our own places in february, we had not seen each other even once. needless to say, we were having a fabulous time together. we decided to continue our night to ozzies to have one more beverage for old times sake. well as soon as we walked in, i knew...

that's doug.
that's single dad doug from the bachelor
he's the bartender at ozzies????
no that can't be doug.

anyways, i went up to him, ordered, sat back down and started laughing hysterically with cristina. 

is that DOUG????
that's all we could say. 

a couple minutes, and some awkward eye contact later, he looked straight at both of us and asked...

are you guys ok??? 
i responded with...

yes. he says. it was doug. doug from the bachelor. doug who KISSED emily during the break up.
oooooooh dougie doug doug.
you are a lot shorter in person.

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