Thursday, August 9, 2012


this post is pretty much just one big disclaimer for these photos...

DISCLAIMER: i am no fashionista but i'm inspired everyday by those saucy bloggers who are. 
here is my first attempt at an outfit post...sorry if my 'looking off into the abyss' pose is not quite natural, i'm still working on it... I mainly just wanted to showcase my attempt to MIX patterns. i've only ever worn this skirt with a solid black top, or a solid white top, or a solid blue top, NEVER a patterned top.
so here you go... my multi-patterned, crooked belted, striped and floraled thursday style. 

next time i'll straighten out my belt. and that's a promise.

top: Gap // skirt: Romy // belt: Forever 21


  1. Well I personally think you rocked this post! Looking very beautiful :) I'm a sucker for a floral/ stripey mix! Xx

  2. I'm LOVING it..... !!! You look great..:)