Monday, August 20, 2012

5 awesome's...

5 awesome's...
  •  my current state: home from work, relaxing on couch, drinking iced coffee and blogging. mm.
  • it's almost FALL which means crisp days, pumpkin spice lattes, and scarves!
  • and FALL means it's just that much closer to CHRISTMAS...
  • i got a new JOB. and i think this one is a keeper. i couldn't be more excited!
  • last but not least, i just had the most amazing 5 days with my momma, love her!

 oh..and one more 'awesome' was our trip to the peninsula. you can expect a great time on any trip that involves a ferry ride. this one was to kingston, wa and it was mighty beautiful! me, my mom, and matt took the ferry over, did some sightseeing, had lunch, rode bikes, did more sightseeing, then took the ferry home. 
i have to say, twas a good day... :)



  1. What a wonderful trip! A beautiful spot to take your Mom!
    Can't wait for our sailing trip cheers j

  2. I had a WONDERFUL time in Washington !! Going over to the peninsula was so much fun and BEAUTIFUL... I loved our trip.. :) Thanks again Chrissy and Matt for letting me bunk at your place, taking me all around, cooking for me, and showing me a GREAT time in Seattle...I really appreciate everything you did for me... :):)

  3. beautiful pictures! i bet you had a great time dear! <3

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