Wednesday, July 18, 2012

when i was 17...

so i woke up this morning with a stiff neck. like one of those stiff necks where i literally cannot turn my head even a scoch to the left. i am basically putting out the 'invisible neck brace' vibe. and the 'invisible neck brace' may turn into 'actual neck brace' if this sucker doesn't loosen up soon. OW.

well my stiff neck got me thinking... thinking about the inevitable that is going to happen in 10 days. the inevitable otherwise known as my 27th bday. then my 27th bday got me thinking about how i am now old enough to say phrases like "oh i remember that, that happened about 10 years ago." just call me granny i guess. anywho, that phrase then got me thinking about, well, 10 years ago when i was 17 and life was SO FLIPPIN EASY. can i go back? well, here we go, a little trip down memory lane, a little flashback of chrissy as an innocent, bsb lovin cheerleader...

when i was 17...

i LOVED the backstreet boys. more specifically NICK CARTER. 'nsync who?

i had a gigantic nokia cell phone that i painted with nail polish. magenta sparkley nail polish to be exact. it was huge. it was beautiful.

my ringtone was the harry potter theme song.

the dawson-joey-pacey love triangle made me shed a tear every wednesday.

my cheer outfit and two french braids was my attire every friday night.

i had a sub-woofer in the back of my gmc jimmy. serious gangsta right there.

i ate mcdonalds almost every day for lunch. YEAH for off-campus lunch passes! YEAH for fast 17 year old metabolism! #2 with a coke please. wow.

my olive green pair of 'cords' from abercrombie that i wore everyday. no joke, everyday. i was obsessed. they were just the perfect amount of low-rise and boot cut. i loved them so.

i also had a pink sparkley belt that i wore with these olive green cords. great color combination there, chrissy.

i didn't say "i'm going to google that." i didn't even know what it meant.

my life would have been over without napster.

aol instant messenger. i spent HOURS on this. it was the texting before texting. i'm actually almost 100% positive that this is the reason i can type so fast.

i went sober bowling. a lot.

i watched fear factor. with my boyfriend. over the phone. the landline, that is.

disposable cameras. MAN i miss those things.

hanging out in the safeway parking lot on saturday nights. because it was fun. seriously.


oh 2002, how i loved youuuu......


  1. I love your memories.... I remember many of those as well !! But I see nothing about your CASHBOX...I'm pretty sure you still had it at 17..filled with bright shiney change and crinkled up one dollar bills for the popcicle man...oh how you loved to RUN out and stop that truck on long summer nights..standing looking up at the gigantic colored pictures of the tasty treats he had inside and agonizing over with one you were going to choose...decisions..decisions.. Those were the days.. :):)

    1. Yes, mother, I do remember that. ;) I used to use those bright shiney half-dollars from the TOOTH FAIRY in my cashbox and use them for the popsicle man. mmmm I miss that..... :)

  2. Omg backstreet, I was a hanson girl myself. 17 was a good-ish year.
    Xo Megan

  3. ahhhh! love this list... so many flashbacks. and I totally started singing the very last one ;)